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Far Cry 5

When I decided to switch from Windows to Linux sometime in late summer of 2019, my biggest gripe was that I would not be able to play Far Cry 5, a video game that I was very much into at the time. However, it didn't prevent me from switching. Well, almost four years later, I can report that the game works fabulously in Linux. Image without description
A true first-person shooter.

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So, during this winter break, I went on a journey through the captivating world of Firewatch—a game that has left a lasting mark on my gaming experience. As someone who cherishes atmospheric adventures and gripping narratives, Firewatch quickly became one game that I enjoyed a lot, captivating me with its stunning visuals, immersive story, and very relaxing gameplay.

From the moment I booted up Firewatch, I was greeted by a mesmerizing landscape of the Wyoming wilderness. The vibrant colors and stylized visuals drew me in, making me feel like I was stepping into a painting come to life. Every step I took felt like a leap into the unknown (but also a kind of familiar environment), with the rustling leaves and distant wildlife adding to the sense of immersion.

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The Dark Reality of Generation Alpha

I watched an interesting YouTube video called The Dark Reality of Generation Alpha.

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Umjetna inteligencija i Platonove kardinalne vrline


Na mom radnom stolu, i na poslu i u domu, stoji samoljepljiva cjeduljica prikačena za monitor sa četiri riječi koje me povremeno podsjete šta je ono što bi nas trebalo činiti dobrim ljudima i činiti naše živote ispravnim i moralno korektnim. Te četiri riječi potiču iz antičke Grčke, i mislim da su više nego relevantne i dan-danas, iako se savremeno društvo i civilizacija u velikoj mjeri razlikuju od drevne Atine i drugih grčkih polisa. Nekada su samo muškarci određene starosne dobi i društvenog statusa mogli odlučivati o sudbini cijelog društva, a danas imamo sreću što živimo u vremenu kada je ljudska civilizacija dostigla svoj zasad najveći stepen razvijenosti i blagostanja, uprkos svim postojećim izazovima i nedaćama koje nam još uvijek stoje na putu. Kao što mnogi s pravom pretpostavljaju, nalazimo se na pragu nove paradigme, koja bi potencijalno mogla uputiti cijelo čovječanstvo na jedan drugi stepen razvoja i u drugačiju civilizacijsku putanju od ove dosadašnje, u kojoj smo ovisili isključivo od ljudske dosjetljivosti, kreativnosti i snalažljivosti. Put od sada bi mogao biti korigovan i upravljan čak i od nekih drugih faktora koji još uvijek nisu dio ljudskog korpusa. Naravno, govorim o autonomnim mašinama, robotima, kiborzima, dronovima, digitalnoj besmrtnosti i najzad onom što će biti nova materija koja će povezivati pomenute subjekte i mnogo drugih elemenata u našem društvu - umjetna inteligencija.

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Organizing my digital life

Ever since I entered the realm of computers, the art of organizing digital files has held a profound fascination for me. Time and again, this pursuit has transcended mere interest and, at times, almost evolved into an obsession. In essence, I find myself in a constant quest to discover the ultimate digital organizing system, the one that suits my use case. I must confess, this journey has never been without its challenges.

Throughout all these years I've tried countless paths, experimenting with a myriad of methods, watching countless relevant videos, and immersing myself in articles devoted to mastering the art of organizing one's digital life. However, despite my endeavors, I couldn't shake the feeling that the optimization of my file structuring remained somewhat incomplete and inadequate. Allow me to illustrate: until recently, this was the approach I employed to organize my files.

Old organization of the files - first level
My previous first-level structuring of the files

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Kobo Clara 2E

Efter mere end tolv år med den trofaste Kindle, som bare ville ikke vågne igen (og jeg har prøvet forskellige tricks - uden held), var der endelig tid til at finde en ny læseven. Da Amazon er ret aggressiv med reklamer på de nye Kindle-versioner, har jeg været på udkig på en ny e-bogslæser. Jeg kiggede på forskellige e-bogslæsere, nogle var billigere, andre dyrere, men det blev Kobo Clara 2E, da jeg læste nogle positive anmeldelser.

Kobo Clara 2E
E-bogslæser Kobo Clara 2E

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Debian Bookworm

My favorite operating system, Debian, has released officially its newest version codenames Bookworm. Yes, it gives all its versions names after Toy Story characters. To me, this is one of the most important tech news, but most IT media won't even mention it. Anyway, what do you get with Debian 12? You get almost newest versions of different desktop environments: Gnome 43, KDE Plasma 5.27, LXDE 11, LXQt 1.2.0, MATE 1.26, Xfce 4.18, and Cinnamon 5.6.8. I use Cinnamon, so I am pretty happy. Other application versions are: LibreOffice 7.4, Linux kernel 6.1 (LTS), systemd 252, Vim 9.0, Emacs 28.2, Scribus 1.5.8, etc. Bookworm contains over 11,089 new packages for a total count of 64,419 packages, so basically if there is a Linux application, you will probably find it in Debian's repositories.

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Debian, my Linux distro of choice

Debian stands out among the Linux distros - a veritable veteran with an impressive 30 years under its belt. It may lack the smooth polish of Linux Mint or Ubuntu MATE, and may not offer the hand-holding guidance some beginners seek, but its Advanced Package Tool (APT) is the shining star of its package manager universe - logical, fast, and always reliable.

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Steam 2022

I play video games most of the time on my main computer with Linux and in Steam. Steam has some interesting info about my video gaming in 2022. These are the five games I played the most during this year.

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About the website

A little update about the website, or the things behind it. I have decided to move my website after thirteen years. Back in January 2009 I have written a little post about my shift to a web hosting company called Unoeuro. All these years I have been a very content user. However, the company changed its name a couple of years ago from Unoeuro to

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The programs I used in 2010

I have been a happy fulltime Linux user for more than three years now, and I don't miss Windows one bit, especially since Windows 10 was really becoming a monster that spied and collected all data from their users. Besides, sometime in 2009 it begun being really unstable system for me, so I ditched it for good. I first installed Linux Mint, which is a great Linux distro, but now I am a happy Devuan user, a fork from Debian Linux without a think called systemd.

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I played a little with a new version of Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT, and the result is often astonishing. In this case I asked the AI to write a bash script for Debian Cinnamon with a menu and options to logout, reboot and shutdown computer. And it did exactly that. Later I executed the script and it worked. It really shot my computer down. Amazing.