Words when you were born

Merriam-Webster’s Time Traveler has created a website where you can select your birth year from the drop-down menu, which will give you a list of words that were presumably used for the first time in print that year.

These words were first used in print in the year when I was born:

body piercing
butterfly effect
couch potato
cosmic background radiation
digital camera
dream catcher
Ebola virus
exit poll
video card
white zinfandel

Epic collection, eh?

Sarajevo Calling

I have now listened to ten episodes of the podcast Sarajevo Calling, and I really recommend it to all of you who are into the Western Balkans politics and are interested to hear about current events in the region: corruption, military buildup, the EU expansion, trials etc. I would say that it helps tremendously if you already have a certain knowledge of the politics and recent history of the region. It is though not completely required, but it helps a lot if you know a thing or two about Milo, Milorad, Bakir and/or Kolinda.

The show is hosted by journalist Aleksandar Brezar and political scientist Jasmin Mujanović. Both very insightful and cheerful guys.