Alene for dig

I dag har jeg brugt ca. en time med min klasse på at diskutere og granske Tove Ditlevsens sensuelle digt Alene for dig.

Der brænder et lys i natten,
det bræder alene for mig,
og puster jeg til det, så flammer det op,
og flammer alene for mig.
Men taler du stille, og hvisker du tyst,
er lyset pludseligt mere end lyst
og brænder dybt i mit eget bryst,
alene for dig

The Mandalorian

Everyone knows that I am not and never was a Star Wars fan. I find the whole Star Wars Universe extremely childish and too theatrical.  By the way, I belong to those who consider the movies to be a part of the fantasy, not science-fiction genre, and boy, do I not like fantasy.
However, there’s a new Star Wars series called The Mandalorian, and I simply love it. It is gritty, pretty serious, there are no stupid childish jokes, and it looks so beautiful. The acting is great, and so is (art) direction. I find the main theme legendary. It is retro (think 1970’s), which reminds me of old spaghetti westerns several decades ago. It is just a very good TV series, which I recommend. This is simply the best Star Wars work. They should just burn and banish all the previous works, and start with The Mandalorian.  This should be the way.


An X-mas street

There is a street in Vejle, Denmark, where its inhabitants go crazy when every December arrives. The whole street transforms into a Disneyland-like experience with millions of lights, Santa Claus and raindeer figures, and all that. It even became a regional attraction with many visitors who are curious to find out what it’s all about. And it’s pretty, pretty good.