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A little update about the website, or the things behind it. I have decided to move my website after thirteen years. Back in January 2009 I have written a little post about my shift to a web hosting company called Unoeuro. All these years I have been a very content user. However, the company changed its name a couple of years ago from Unoeuro to Simply.com.

As you can image, inital minimal price for hosting a website was just one euro. Then they changed the name and the price went up, and it was actually okay. I accepted much high price, because I still got a lot for my money. But now they gave a new notice about price increase, and it was just unaccaptable for me.

This site is a small website without huge web traffic, and I just don't want to pay monthly almost ten times more than the initial price of just one euro. And so I decided to move to another hosting company called Hostingdk.net. It is a very small company, but the service is great and the servers are stable. It is though not for complete newbies to web hosting, because you have to do a lot of work yourself. Hence one of the reasons why it is cheaper than most. It doesn't have some features I'd like to have, but I can live with it.

So, here are some statistics for 2022 (only the half of December) according to the statistics of the old hosting company:

I hope my website will run at the new web host stable for many years to come, because it is almost always a pain to change hosting company. Luckily, thanks to the easy backup of my CMS system and the smooth Hostingdk's control panel it has been a painless shift. Phew.