The programs I used in 2010

I have been a happy fulltime Linux user for more than three years now, and I don't miss Windows one bit, especially since Windows 10 was really becoming a monster that spied and collected all data from their users. Besides, sometime in 2009 it begun being really unstable system for me, so I ditched it for good. I first installed Linux Mint, which is a great Linux distro, but now I am a happy Devuan user, a fork from Debian Linux without a think called systemd.

But back to old days. In 2010 I used Windows 7, and to me that was one of the best Windows versions, and definitely the last one I really wanted to use. I just stumbled upon a text file with applications I used to install on my system. So here it is.

Image without description

I still use only Firefox, Filezilla, VLC, and Steam from the list. Others I have no need to use or I use Linux equivalents.

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