Film Magistery

Film Magistery is a podcast about films and a theme/concept they might contain. The host Dino Avdibegovic (that’s me!) wants to explore films that belong to a deeper cinematic experience than the average film that is normally accessible to viewers. His intention in every episode is to talk about a single theme or concept that is related to the work. As an example, The Lives of Others (2006) is dealing with the theme ‘surveillance’ and which implications it has on our society.

From time to time, there will be a personal relation to the treated theme, and that’s what great films should be able to do – make a connection to its viewers on any level. You can expect to stumble upon films made by Tarkovsky, Kubrick, Allen, Malick, Altman, Coen, Kiarostami, but there should be space for the mainstream cinema from time to time, too.

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  1. Night and Fog/Genocide
  2. El Sur/Our Childhoods’ Memories of Our Fathers
  3. Bob Roberts/Donald Trump & A Post-Factual Society
  4. The Lives of Others/Surveillance
  5. The Fountain/Eternal Love
  6. Burn After Reading/Age of Bullsh*t
  7. 12 Years A Slave/A Man in Chains
  8. The Mirror/Tarkovsky’s Time Sculpting
  9. The Remains of the Day/Regrets
  10. Space Office/The Suppression
  11. Holy Motors/Fluidity of Identities