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The current playlist

How crazy is my taste in music (at least right now)? 🙂 There is a bit of the 1960s, a bit of some übercool folksy progrockmetal, and a dash of Bosnian canzona.

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The Resistance

The English rock band Muse released their fifth album The Resistance in September 2009. I remember that I was pretty impressed with the most of the songs from the album.

I just found a piece of paper with apparently my grading of every song from The Resistance. Five stars is the highest mark. The album as a whole scored 4.27/5. No too bad.

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Villain music

I am not a big fan of Star War movies, but I really like their musical themes. One of my favorites is The Imperial March composed by John Williams for The Empire Strikes Back (1980). By the way, why villains always have the best soundtracks? But what is interesting to me is that the theme reminds me more of a soundtrack for a dramatic sequence of a WWII movie than a space fantasy movie.

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Dream Theater

Thanks to my cousin Amir, I attended a great concert with Dream Theater yesterday in Aarhus. Also great to watch live Animals for Leaders and two other bands. A great birthday present!

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Sevdah Takht

Sevdah Takht concert in Odense on April 6, 2018.

Afenginn in Vejle

I like these guys from Afenginn. They played in Vejle last night, so I took my Mrs. to their concert. They are great musicians and they bland Balkan, klezmer, avant-prog with Scandinavian sounds.

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The Double Life of Veronique

The Double Life of Veronique (1991), a marvellous work of the great Krzysztof Kieslowski. A great film, that needs to be watched several times. It is not for everyone, especially not for those who consider Transformers or Rise of the Planet of the Apes as fantastic films.

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Kada sam počeo ozbiljno slušati muziku tamo negdje na samom kraju 1980-ih, američka grupa Tesla je bila jedna od prvih grupa koje sam počeo pratiti na mome muzičkom putovanju. A baš nekako u to vrijeme objavili su drugi album “The Great Radio Controversy” na kojem se nalazila balada Paradise, koja je uvijek imala posebno mjesto u mom srcu zbog melodičnosti i vrlo dirljivog teksta. Sâm bend nisam nešto pretjerano pratio, brat Elvis ih je više gotivio, ali sam ovu pjesmu, između ostalih, uvijek volio poslušati. Ovaj put u akustičnoj verziji.

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Bosanska noć sevdaha u Aarhusu

Šestog maja 2015. održao se jedan vrlo kratak koncert u Aarhusu, na kojem smo morali prisustvovati, iako Amra i ja živimo čak 70 kilometara južnije od mjesta održavanja koncerta, i iako se tu noć igrala vrlo važna polufinalna fudbalska utakmica Lige šampiona između Barcelone i Bajerna. A morali smo doći na koncert, jer su na sceni bili meni izrazito dragi bh. muzičari Damir Imamović i Emir Bošnjak. Obojica su virtuozi na svojim poljima, Damir na polju istraživanja i tumačenja bosanskog sevdaha, a Emir na harmonici. Ovaj put to nije bio klasičan koncert, nego semestarski koncert studenata Jutlandskog Muzičkog Konzervatorija (Det jyske Musikkonservatorium) koje predvodi Bošnjak, a Imamović je bio specijalni gost večeri.

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The first song in 2015

Daniel Gildenlöw’a Pappa is the first song I have been listening to in 2015. What a great song about “the divorce-generation children” seen from a child’s perspective.

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And the waltz goes on

I didn’t know Sir Anthony Hopkins wrote a waltz. It is very beautiful, played by André Rieu.

West Coast

This song West Coast by Lana Del Rey is just wonderful. Usually I am listening to progressive metal, and sometimes some of the classical music, but I really like this song. I have listened to other Lana’s songs, but they did not affect me in any way, but West Coast is so atmospheric and filled with melancholy. I wrote it many times before, but I like melancholic stuff, and this song has it along with the rhythm change and steady pace. This is probably one of the best songs I have heard this year.

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