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Remove Asian Fonts

If you don't need Asian fonts in your Mint, you can remove them from your system. Paste this into terminal:

sudo apt-get remove "fonts-kacst*" "fonts-khmeros*" fonts-lklug-sinhala fonts-guru-extra "fonts-nanum*" fonts-noto-cjk "fonts-takao*" fonts-tibetan-machine fonts-lao fonts-sil-padauk fonts-sil-abyssinica "fonts-tlwg-*" "fonts-lohit-*" fonts-beng-extra fonts-gargi fonts-gubbi fonts-gujr-extra fonts-kalapi "fonts-samyak*" fonts-navilu fonts-nakula fonts-orya-extra fonts-pagul fonts-sarai "fonts-telu*" "fonts-wqy*" "fonts-smc*" fonts-deva-extra fonts-sahadeva

Press Enter. Type your password when prompted. In Mint you will see asterisks when you type. Press Enter again.

Just to make sure, follow it up with this terminal command (use copy/paste to transfer it to the terminal):

sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig

Press Enter.

Reboot your machine.

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