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 +====== Disabling sessionstore in Firefox ======
 +Firefox has a session restore feature, which remembers what pages were opened if Firefox experiences an unexpected shutdown (read: crashes). This feature is neat, but causes many disk writes. Too many for an SSD. Disable it like this:
 +a. Type in the URL bar of Firefox:
 +Press Enter.
 +b. Now you're being presented with a warning. Ignore it and click on the button "I accept the risk!".
 +c. Type in the filter bar: //sessionstore//
 +c. Double-click on the item called //browser.sessionstore.interval//. The default interval is 15000, which means 15 seconds. Add three zeros to the existing value, so that it becomes: 15000000 and click the OK button.
 +d. Close Firefox and launch it again. Now you've practically disabled the session restore feature.
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