Dino F. Avdibegović

Welcome to a humble online home of Dino Avdibegović, a writer and a poet, who writes mostly in Bosnian, but occasionally in Danish and English, too. If you can't handle the trilingual madness present on this site, don't read the blog posts, 'mkay?

I'm not a very productive writer, nor am I very loud and gregarious. I follow Wittgenstein's "Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent". However, I do like to discuss and speak to other people. I teach and give lectures on topics such as literature, history, Yugoslavia and the Balkans, etc.

From time to time, I produce a podcast and video essays about films and my Linux/tech journey. The two have nothing in common.

You can contact me via email: derion1 [at] gmail (dot) com