World of Eurania, part I

I was always fascinated by maps, so I decided a couple of years ago to try to make my own. I found out it has a meditating and relaxing effect on me. Since last year I am working on this somewhat large (and imaginary) world consisting of one massive landmass and many larger islands. However, this might change if I decide to rearrange the map (Edit: As the matter of fact, it has already been altered, as you will see in later posts. For instance, there are now several new islands in the Averine sea). After many months I wanted to reboot the project and work on the map again, so here are a couple of samples of the progressing work.

Image without description
This is (for now) the largest land mass of the map consisting of several countries.

Of course the map will contain cities, towns, roads, mountains, woods, rivers, lakes and so on.

Image without description
The Averine sea between Kingdom of Jydemark (north) and Republic of Bosania (south).

As you can see, there will even be ferry lines between islands. One blue quadrant equals 22,500 square km (a bit larger than Israel).

Image without description
Western Bosania and area near Banian Islands.

The map will contain names of towns, rivers and mountains in several languages, including English, Bosnian and Danish. And no, I am not a fan neither of Games of Thrones nor The Lord of the Rings. I prefer more traditional (“realistic”) maps. 🙂 This map is somewhat inspired by maps made by Ian Silva.

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