Why I blog

Last night, I was contemplating about my blog and what I am writing on it. Why do I do it? There was no easy answer, as one might expect. However, I found out that I am not writing about daily happenings (except some really huge or widely important stuff), nor I am writing about a niche subject.

What I am writing mostly about is my thoughts about a certain subject; it could be arts, politics, literature, science, food or a personal observation. Today I discovered an interesting article on exactly the same topic. I will partially use its points to reveal the crust of the nature of my blog.

After more than two years of blogging, 188 posts and 46,237 words, I am certain that I am not a blog guru, but I know this:

  • I don’t write about news, at least not every-day news.
  • I don’t write only about a one single subject. I (want to) write about anything that crosses my mind.
  • I am quite positive that I don’t write about “I washed my hair today, and now I am going to work” posts.

Some of my previous posts have been, shall we say, not of a great historic value, but I used some time to find my own ground in the world of blogging. It is like identity shaping of a human being that takes some serious amount of time. It took me some time to become less frivolous, and more factual and serious. Not that I am completely drained from being funny, but I want my blog being filled with posts I would want to come back in the future and be proud of them.

Although I am a writer/poet (writing in Bosnian), I don’t use my blog to promote or train my writing skills professionally. I am almost using it to distance myself from my literary writings or thoughts around them. I am not even blogging in order to get comments and feedback from visitors (not that I don’t mind). But I am certain of one thing – I blog because of writing. I like to write, and since I am so lazy and unproductive regarding production of my own writings, I use my blog to compensate for the inability.

So, I blog to write.