West Coast again

Last week, I took a delightful trip with my girls to the West Coast of Jutland. We booked a cozy apartment in Nørre Nebel for a few days and enjoyed the tranquil surroundings.

The coast is stunningly beautiful, and each visit feels like a new adventure. There's something incredibly special about walking on a vast sandy beach with dunes, feeling the sand beneath your feet. We explored Henne Strand Beach and Blåvands Huk, both of which were absolutely marvelous. It truly doesn’t get much better than this.

Escaping our daily routines to spend quality time together in such a peaceful place was wonderful. We had the opportunity to relax and enjoy each other's company, creating memories. We also visited Hvide Sande, where Amra used to live decades ago, adding a touch of nostalgia to our trip.

blavand1.jpg blavand2.jpg blavand3.jpg hennestrand1.jpg hvidesandefish.jpg

Pic. 1-2: Beach at Blåvands Huk. 3. The Lighthouse at Blåvands Huk. 4. Henne Strand Beach. 5. Enjoying a plaice fillet (rødpættefilet) and fries at a restaurant in Hvide Sande.

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