War of the Worlds

I went to Aarhus city with my wife yesterday and around 13.30 we decided to go to movies. What should we see?, we asked each other. Let’s watch “War Of The World”, I came with a brilliant idea. What to say – this movie is not a good movie, it actually sucks… big time. I don’t know what was Spielberg thinking while “finishing” this movie or what was his idea with it, seriously! The movie looks like only 60-70% finished, the story is very primitive and the characters are ditto and undeveloped.

There is a number of scenes that bother me – a lot, but I will mention only some.
a) the basement scene is way too long.
b) the cliche: Tom Cruise as “I am not so good father”.
c) the cliche: Cruise’s son “I don’t like you, daddy”.
d) I have a problem with the scene where people are standing in the street and staring at the tripod coming out from the ground. I know I would be running over hills and mountains.
e) stupid aliens. I mean, they are so advanced technologically and are crushing US army and all the armies of the world, but they are so stupid not to be thinking of…hmm, bacteria that kill(ed) them. Mmm, bad script.
f) I have a problem with the movie’s political correctness. In one specific scene where the tripod throws a human behind a jeep and sucks the blood out of his body, but we don’t actually see it. Hell, if you want to make a horror/sci-fi, do it all the way!!

I will give it 2 out of 5 stars. One star for good special effects and one for me sometimes not having a brains and enjoying some action scenes. Worst Spielberg’s movie, ever.