War for territory

When I was seventeen years old, I was a refugee in a Danish refugee center. It was a very small center with no more than 120 people. We were a few kids of similar age, and we would listen to music in the basement of the center. My brother and I, along with a few others, would spend a lot of hours playing games and listening to mostly heavy metal bands like Pantera, Dream Theater, and Sepultura. I remember we got hold of Sepultura's newest album sometime in 1993. It was called Chaos A.D. It was a pretty heavy album, and probably the heaviest band that we had listened to up to that point. Anyway, there was a particularly one song that I really liked, and it was “Territory”.

I remember the official video was quite interesting, as it was showing footage from Israel and Palestine, Israeli soldiers and pro-Palestinian graffiti and such. I always think of this song, which title is obvious, when there's some kind of trouble in the Middle East. Every war is about territory, it was so in the Balkans during the 1990s, and so is the long-lasting conflict in the Holy Land.

While a new military conflict between Hamas and Israel is currently underway, this song has once again become relevant. I've also included this song in my fifth mixtape.

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