Vampires I’m dreaming about, part II

Some time ago, I wrote about the repeating dream I have. So, in order to find out if the movie The Omega Man is responsible for my sporadic nightmares I watched the movie today. Actually, I think it is the one; it’s maybe the movie I probably saw when I was 5 or 6 and got some kind of trauma, but I am not sure.

Okay, I wrote in the first post that I have dreamt about “a hero, who’s in a big building. It’s night and all of the sudden he’s attacked and chased by some men or creatures. They have black ropes and might be vampires, because they can fly…”

After watching the movie, I can verify that:

  1. There is a hero (Charlton Heston).
  2. There is a big building (actually a lot of them).
  3. The hero is attacked by some creatures, many times.
  4. They have black ropes, but they are not vampires and cannot fly.

By the way, these creatures are victims of an apocalyptic war waged with biological weapons. If this is a movie that was “haunting” me in the dreams, than I am happy to finally find out what movie it was. I just hope now I will be detraumatized and will not have these nightmares anymore.

P.S. Wow, this movie is bad, real B-movie, but it is quite fun watching it and find all the mistakes and hear kitchy and smart-ass lines.