Vampires I'm dreaming about

I have recently told my friend Bjarke about this movie I have seen as a kid, but could not remember what was its name. Actually, I have dreamt certain scene from the movie many times. Here it goes:

There’s a hero, who’s in a big building. It’s night and all of the sudden he’s attacked and chased by some men or creatures. They have black ropes and might be vampires, because they can fly. The scenery is dark (it’s night, duh!) and somewhat scary.

I have dreamt this particular dream for years, at least 14-15 years and I never found out what was the name of this movie. I am dreaming this scene, probably because I was too little to watch the movie at the time, and that’s why I probably had some traumas that resulted in my nightmares/constant dreams. Now, I want to put an end to this crap, so I made a little investigation. I have always thought the main character in the movie is played by Charton Heston, so I searched a little on Internet Movie Database and possibly found the movie I am dreaming about – The Omega Man.

Now I just have to find that movie to watch and detraumatize myself.