So we made a 3-day trip to Sweden and Copenhagen. First we visited wife’s family in Hässleholm, then Tivoli in Copenhagen.

In Sweden, we had a great time, doing nothing, just relaxing, eating and drinking. Especially me, I drank at least half a liter of vodka, and a couple of bottles of wine together with my wife’s cousin. I really enjoyed it, since I rarely drink alcohol at all!

One moring we took a walk through the ghosting town – it was the first day of Christmas, so Swedes usually stay at home, probably after a hard night the day before. I saw a black plastic bag, so I filmed it with my photo camera, but I was interrupted…

The third day, we left the family in Hässleholm and drove to Denmark’s capital – wonderful Copenhagen. Since we had our snowflake with us, we decided to use all of our time in Tivoli, a true children’s paradise. Our plan was to find a decent hotel and spend a whole day in the capital, but soon we found out it was nearly impossible, at least in the area around Tivoli – most hotels were closed?! More than a day before, I even made an online reservation (or inquiry, to be more precise) on the hotel’s website, but they never returned. When we arrived at the front door of the hotel, we discovered it was closed, just as most of neighboring hotels. The funny thing is that I received an email from the hotel some hours after I returned to my home (!) with refusal of my reservation with an odd explanation “Sorry, we don’t have vacant rooms at the moment”. Uhm, I guess they had some spooky arrangement going on in there, but I can tell you that the hotel was closed. On their front door there was a little notice “we’re closed until January 8th”. So, who’s lying?

Anyway, we went to Tivoli and stayed there 5 hours, riding in carousels, trains, watching many fish in an aquarium, eating pancakes, and we were even greeted by Santa Claus himself.

All in all, it was great fun at Tivoli and great little vacation in the southern Sweden and Tivoli in Copenhagen. I really enjoyed watching the happy face of my snowflake all these days.

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