V for Vendetta

I went to cinema without knowing what to expect. On one side, I had certain expectations since I knew brothers Wachowski wrote screenplay, but I was also a little bit skeptical knowing the film was based on a graphic novel. This movie is not bad, but there are some elements that are bothering me. At certain moments the film even became rather boring experience. Actually, I was falling a sleep several times during this film. I still cannot find out completely why that happened. Was it because I was tired or because the film was boring. One thing is sure, though. I don’t remember that I ever was about to fall asleep in the cinema. Few times during “V for Vendetta” I even had my eyes closed for more than 10 seconds. Maybe I am just getting older. 🙂

Anyway, the story is interesting and quite contemporary and relevant; no question about it. There are some great settings and fine moments in the film, the cinematography is beautiful, but there is also a lot of slow and unnecessary scenes that just make this film not fantastic experience. Especially the middle of the film is too slow.

Actors are fine and they did a very good job, especially Hugo Weaving with his fantastic eloquence, voice and timing. Natalie Portman is also very good. As I wrote before, the manuscript is very interested with a lot of potential, but it could have been much better, if “boring” parts were removed and we got some more interaction between the regime, people and V.

3 out of 5 stars.