Using Linux for four years

I admit, I am a strange cookie. Sometimes I can remember the details about something that happened years ago. Very often I know where exactly on a page I read a particular sentence in a book. In the same way, I remember I decided to finally switch to Linux from Windows four years ago during my daughter's football training. I was fed up with technical issues I was having with Windows 10, but also Microsoft's increasing telemetry and constantly activating “features” on Windows, even though I deactivated it. I remember there was a heavy rain, and luckily I even have a short video recording of it. For some reason, I always like documenting an interesting meteorological condition.

Maybe the decision fell right at that moment while I was looking into the sun's reflection in the concrete tiles, while the rain was pouring down. Perhaps, I don't know.

And that's it. There's no deeper meaning nor symbolism in this. It's just a video with heavy raining, and a football practice, and that's how I make a connection to an idea or an event.

The switch happened yesterday, four years ago, August 27, 2019. Man, time flies by. I remember this as if it happened a year ago or so…