Ubuntu again

And so I try with Ubuntu once again. This time I’ve got the Feisty Fawn or 7.04, as I prefer to call it. Installation went smoothly, it took only 10–15 minutes on my Dell Inspiron 6400. I had only 1024×760 resolution, so I googled a little and installed something called 915resolution, so that I could watch my desktop at 1280×800. It worked, so almost everything was just as it should be. Ubuntu recognized my wireless card, so it took me just a couple of seconds to hook up onto my wireless connection. This is the great improvement, since in previous versions it was a pain in the ass to make the wireless card work. I need Java for various reasons, and it also worked after I installed it. Flash, too.


I tried to watch a film and Ubuntu asked me if I want Ubuntu to search and install missing codecs. I agreed and after a few seconds later – it worked! It did the same for all audio codecs. I have never seen something like that before. I am quite impressed with this feature on Ubuntu. Every operational system could learn something from Ubuntu. I could easily access files on my stationary computer since Ubuntu found it on the network instantly, so it took me no time to copy all the files onto my laptop. Beautiful!

But there are some irritating moments when using Ubuntu 7.04: If I enable desktop effects I cannot watch video files, DVDs etc. It means I have to disable it before watching films. Nothing cardinal, but still irritating. Another things are that I have to type my key-ring password (for wireless connection) every time I turn on my laptop. There are probably solutions to my problems, I just didn’t search for it yet. All in all, I am really, really impressed with Ubuntu 7.04 and this time I will keep it on my laptop. That means goodbye Windows (on my laptop)! Ubuntu really made an operating system that everyone can use, from newbies to experts, and I can really recommend it to all who want to use something easy and usable or just non-windowsy.

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