Two different generations

This is a great example of how two different generations of Homo sapiens apparently don't understand each other.

The girl is filming a video in a park, updating her fans on social media about her running routine. Then a middle-aged man comes in the picture and sits down on a bench right behind her. The girl doesn't like that, so she asks him to move to another bench, but the man refuses.

A middle-aged man and a young woman
A young woman is having a livestream in a park when a man comes in the picture.

Now, he could have chosen a more polite way to deal with the situation, stand up and move to another place, but instead, he decides to stay there, so tell the young woman to move her livestream elsewhere. She did ask him nicely to move some else, but he also replied politely that he doesn't want to move. Then, the woman threatens him that people are watching him live. To that, he just laughed and said: "I don't care". She tells him that no one wants to see an old man in the video, and things escalate.

You can watch the video here (it's a Twitter/X link), so I couldn't embed the video here on my website. I like how he says: "Why not [can't you move]?" and "Your followers? Are you Jesus now?".

Anyway, I agree with him. It is a public space, so the lady cannot just assume she can take that specific space and ask everyone else not to be there. I think, and I am not quite sure, that this might be a generational gap. These two people simply don't understand each other. They are not on the same frequency, or page, if you like. The man doesn't care about social media stunts, while the woman is trying to make him move from the space she believes only belongs to her while she's there.

We always had these perforations between different generations, but it somehow feels as if the gap is getting much, much wider due to the nature of new technologies, and how people are utilizing them. Will there ever be a somewhat common ground from now on?

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