Dino F. Avdibegović

This Easter

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Easter this year was good. We have had almost ten days off work and school, and since it's still COVID-19 time, we couldn't leave the country, so we've made several trips to local towns.

Here are the Men at Sea in Esbjerg. The four fellas just sit there in silence and watch the North Sea.

This is the famous cathedral of Ribe. I wrote previously about this great little town, but historically so important to Kingdom of Denmark.

One day we visited the small town of Juelsminde. It has a such a charming and live harbor area. The sunshine helped a lot.

Next day we visited family in Horsens. Oh boy, what a tasty Bosnian food!

Another day we made a quick tour to Haderslev. Also worth visiting for couple of hours.

Our youngest is growing cress. She's so proud, and so are we. :)

The last day of Easter we celebrated Amra's birthday.