The Mandalorian

Everyone knows that I am not and never was a Star Wars fan. I find the whole Star Wars Universe extremely childish and too theatrical. By the way, I belong to those who consider the movies to be a part of the fantasy, not science-fiction genre, and boy, do I not like fantasy.

However, there’s a new Star Wars series called The Mandalorian, and I simply love it. It is gritty, pretty serious, there are no stupid childish jokes, and it looks so beautiful. The acting is great, and so is (art) direction. I find the main theme legendary. It is retro (think 1970’s), which reminds me of old spaghetti westerns several decades ago. It is just a very good TV series, which I recommend. This is simply the best Star Wars work. They should just burn and banish all the previous works, and start with The Mandalorian. This should be the way.

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