The Machinist, Taxi Driver & Der Untergang

The Machinist
Very cool movie in same genre as Memento. I really liked Christian Bale’s role and acting, beside his self-destructive method acting. The story is very interesting and the end quite satisfying.
4 out of 5 stars (4/5)

Taxi Driver
Wonderful acting by Robert de Niro, but I have a problem with the manuscript and camera. Some segments of the story are underdeveloped (such as Shepard’s role). Scorsese has worked on much better projects.

Der Untergang
Wonderful movie. I liked everything – the story, actors’ performances and camera works. I have never doubted the authenticity of Hitler, his closest workers and other roles, not for a minute. Splendid acting by everyone, especially Bruno Ganz as Hitler. So many powerful scenes, such as the one when Mrs. Goebbels poisoned her children. Her lack of feelings while doing it transfer so powerfully to the audience. I will never forget this macabre scene!
This is sublime movie. Probably the best of 2005.
5 out of 5 stars