The Host

When my friend Srdjan and I watch films together, we have just one criterion: “stars are overrated”. We usually watch films with maximum 4 stars (out of 10) on IMDB. Over several years we have watched a lot of “special” films that gave us a lot of joy: something like Sharknado, Black Dynamite etc. The latest gem in our “treasure of weird and crazy films” is The Host.

The dialog is so childish and cheesy, but the plot is even better: Alien creatures are taking over the humans’ bodies, but some of the bodies still have the old human consciousness, what makes them quite schizophrenic. It also makes some romantic relationships quite complicated and potentially weird. And did I say complicated? Also the advanced aliens don’t use any high-tech gadgets to subordinate the few humans who are fighting them.

We learned following things watching this amazing film (taken from IMDB):

  • When you realize that a helicopter in front of you is bulletproof, keep firing your weapon anyway.
  • When stopping for seekers who pose absolutely no physical threat whatsoever, drive head first into a wall instead waiting for nearby (armed) friends to help.
  • Women that have been taken over by the aliens are still vain enough to wear 4-inch high heeled shoes to appear taller. Even in the desert…
  • Aliens who are kind, gentle, honest and need to be delicately inserted into their host with tender loving care can easily overtake an entire planet of suspicious, aggressive, manipulative and averagely observant humans who are about 80+% bigger and have considerably more body mass.
  • Aliens really, REALLY like chrome plating.
  • And so on…

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