The Constant Gardener

I went to cinema without having high expectations for this movie. I had my fears that this will be something a la “English patient”, but, boy, I was surprised. Shame on me!

The Constant Gardener is a very good movie that is about world’s betrayal and constant screwing of Africa and its people; the medical companies doing all kind of legal and illegal experiments on ill Africans…

Beside the obvious political agenda, this movie is also about love between a static, but good-hearted politician and a human-rights activist.

I will not mention the plot, but I will just write that the politician is a person who, while working in Kenya, ignores poverty and misery by taking care of his plants (that’s why the title of the film).

I would say that we all (in the West, at least) are constant gardeners, who do ignore and tolerate injustice in Africa – injustice done by Western powers, organizations and companies.

Wonderful performances by Rachel Weisz and Ralph Fiennes. The images of Africa are stunning.

4 out of 5 stars.