Dino F. Avdibegović

The Browning Version

Categories: [english], [film]

My wife and I watched The Browning Version (1994) with the excellent Albert Finney. I watched this film for the first in high school a quarter of the century ago, so it was a first revisit since then, and I must admit I enjoyed it as much as the first time. The cold relationship between the spouses, the kid that appreciates his retiring educator, evolutionary internal dynamics of a cognizant. Everything works and is put tidily together. Besides, I have a weak spot for education movies. I guess, it is satisfying to see young people progress in their lives while they're learning and get wiser in the process.
Now, I am sure to include The Browning Version into the group together with Good Will Hunting, Freedom Writers, and Dead Poets Society. A very good film.