Teenaging again?

Two days ago I was at the party in Aarhus. As the member of Bosnian Student Association in Denmark, I attended a big party/discotheque and it was really refreshing to come out and breake the day-to-day rythm. But, it was not the end to partying. Yesterday I drove to Holstebro, where I was invited to a party. We were six persons and it was great, too. It was a somewhat unusual party, because we, among other things, played poker, discussed “medieval Bosnian kingdom and its relationship to Vatican, Hungary and Ottoman Empire” and basically having a great fun. In the next week I am going to visit my kum (godfather) Bjarke. Really looking forward to it. The question is – am I becoming a teenager again or is it some kind of a midlife crisis :)? By the way, I am only 29.