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Instead of New Year's resolution

This year I want to do some things a bit differently. Last year I really restricted my usage of social media. I am almost not active on Facebook. I will most likely leave Twitter due to the Musk's Debacle. Mastodon looks like a promising alternative, but although open-source and all that, it's still social media.

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A photo from the year 2000

I am doing some digital cleanup, and I stumbled upon this photograph I took more than twenty years ago (most likely in the summer of 2000) on my analog Nikon film single-lens reflex camera (SLR). The picture of flowers was taken in my parents' house in Holstebro, Denmark.

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The year in cities, 2022

2022 was again pretty much normal travelling year, after a very thin last year. I visited and stayed in these places:

  • Bremen, Germany
  • Bosanski Šamac, Bosnia
  • Sarajevo, Bosnia
  • Igalo, Montenegro
  • Neum, Bosnia
  • Viborg, Denmark
  • Bornholm, Denmark

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Kćerkin crtež prije 12 godina

Naletih na sliku crteža koju je moja Hanka nacrtala prije dvanaest godina, tj. 25. decembra 2010. Interesantno je kako je nacrtala mene pod drvetom jabuke. Znala je i tada da tata puno voli jabuke. :)

Mislim da je to bilo takmičenje u kojem smo učestvovali Amra, Hana i ja. Pogodite ko je pobijedio.

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Mynte Hungry

About the website

A little update about the website, or the things behind it. I have decided to move my website after thirteen years. Back in January 2009 I have written a little post about my shift to a web hosting company called Unoeuro. All these years I have been a very content user. However, the company changed its name a couple of years ago from Unoeuro to

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The programs I used in 2010

I have been a happy fulltime Linux user for more than three years now, and I don't miss Windows one bit, especially since Windows 10 was really becoming a monster that spied and collected all data from their users. Besides, sometime in 2009 it begun being really unstable system for me, so I ditched it for good. I first installed Linux Mint, which is a great Linux distro, but now I am a happy Devuan user, a fork from Debian Linux without a think called systemd.

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Watching the game and writing

Don't do this at home. When you want to write your novel and watch the #CROBRA World Cup game simultaneously. What's going on here? Well, I am writing my never-ending novel in the text editor Emacs, while watching the football game Croatia vs Brazil in Firefox browser. Operating system is Devuan Linux.

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Old cinema tickets

I did some cleaning and I stumbled upon these old cinema tickets. Most of them are almost twenty years old. I certainly remember watching them, mostly with Amra, back then. We watched all three Lord of the Rings films, and I swore I would never watch them again. Not because they're poorly done, but because I am simply fed up with fantasy. I never liked it, and I still have an overdose with the LoTR films. On the other hand, I remember vividly Good Bye, Lenin! was a film we both truly enjoyed.

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Folketingsvalg 2022

I dag er der Folketingsvalg og jeg synes, at det altid er en særlig dag, hvor man, som en borger, får lov til at give sin stemme på den mest demokratiske vis. Men denne gang er valget ekstraspecielt for mig, og det er fordi min ældste datter skal stemme for første gang i hendes liv. Jeg er særlig stolt fordi hun har faktisk vist en stor interesse for valget. Vi har haft diskussioner om forskellige politiske partier og deres holdninger til adskillige emner som økonomi, skat, indvandrere og flygtninge, klima og miljø. Jeg har været meget påpasselig med ikke at influere hendes holdninger for meget, men det er nok svært som forælder. En anden grund til tilbageholdenheden har været, at jeg selv er gevaldigt i tvivl, hvilket parti skulle have min stemme, da jeg synes, at færreste partier tør at have klare meninger om flere emner. Derfor ligner mange hinanden på mange punkter.

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My ultimate, unfinished film list

Some years ago (it was in 2010, and I wrote about it in Bosnian) I have created a so-called "Dino's ultimate (not quite finished) film list" for a colleague from the previous job. It was written in Danish, and it looks like this:

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At the end of June we got a new member of the family. Here is Mynte. She's now four months old.

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