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West Coast again

Last week, I took a delightful trip with my girls to the West Coast of Jutland. We booked a cozy apartment in Nørre Nebel for a few days and enjoyed the tranquil surroundings.

The coast is stunningly beautiful, and each visit feels like a new adventure. There's something incredibly special about walking on a vast sandy beach with dunes, feeling the sand beneath your feet. We explored Henne Strand Beach and Blåvands Huk, both of which were absolutely marvelous. It truly doesn’t get much better than this.

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Sloppy Joe

Last night, I suddenly got hungry,
in a way that rarely happens to me
It was ten o'clock while the northern night
was well underway
my daughters and their guest were sitting
on the terrace and chatting
I lit the stove and took the meat sauce
out of the fridge
I put four tablespoons of sauce
on the hot pan and cracked an egg
I made the best Sloppy Joe of my life
and ate it with delight
In a beautiful purple night woven from satin

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Tri godine

Danas je tačno tri godine otkako mama nije sa nama. Prošlo je hiljadu i devedeset i pet dana otkako je otišla, i još uvijek je prisutna ogromna praznina u duši.
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My media consumption in March 2024

Here's the list of some of the media I consumed in March 2024. Mostly, it's films, books, articles, and videos.

Bosnia in Easter

I drove 1,750 kilometers from Denmark to Bosnia with my dad. It went really smoothly, without any issues on the road. The trip to Bosnia took only 18 hours. We visited our hometown Bosanski Šamac. We stayed there for about eight-nine days, and then we drove back to Denmark again. We were together with my uncle, who still lives in the town, and we also visited Gradačac and Brčko. We had a great weather in Šamac, it was between 25 and 28 degrees.

Image without description
View at the eastern part of Bos. Šamac.

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My media consumption in February 2024

Here's the list of some of the media I consumed in February 2024. Mostly, it's films, books, articles, and videos.
* Kafu mi draga ispeci performed by Damir Imamović. Dad used to sing and whistle this song occasionally when I was a boy, and that's why I love it so much. The image of my father humming this old song as he prepares to leave the apartment is deeply, deeply etched in my head and evokes pleasant, warm emotions. It reminds me of my wonderful childhood, my good father and my late mother whom he always loved immensely. I also remember an early dawn. I was six or seven years old. It's still dark outside, and I woke up in my grandma's apartment, who was probably preparing breakfast in the kitchen, and Predrag Gojković Cune is singing this remarkable song on the radio.
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Ovo je tekst o mojoj mami, koja je napustila ovaj svijet 15. maja 2021. Znači, trebalo mi je preko dvije i po godine da se saberem, konačno smognem snage da napišem ovaj tekst o njoj. A nije da nisam imao želju i prije. Zapravo, samo nekoliko dana nakon njene smrti, počeo sam pisati bilješke, činjenice o njoj i male detalje, jer sam se bojao da ću ih vremenom zaboraviti. Vjerovatno sam, podsvjesno, htio na taj način da je “zadržim” duže u životu, kroz sjećanja i pominjanju nje i njenih djela. Čak sam pravio plan da napravim podcast od tri-četiri epizode sa bratom u kojem bi govorili o mami, ocu i generalno o našoj porodici od našeg djetinjstva do danas, ali bi polazna i centralna tačka bila mama, jer je upravo ona to bila u našoj familiji. Mama je uvijek znala kada neko ima rođendan ili godišnjicu, i uvijek je podsjećala oca i nas sinove kada neko ima rođendan da se sjetimo da mu čestitamo i sl.

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24 songs

Somebody on a progressive metal Subreddit posted their list of 25 top songs, limiting one song per band. Here's my current list, with a strong emphasis on “current”:

  1. Opeth - Reverie-Harlequin Forest
  2. Symphony X - When All Is Lost
  3. Dream Theater - Pale Blue Dot
  4. Pain of Salvation - Thorn Clown
  5. Animals As Leaders - The Woven Web
  6. Zero Hour - Evidence of the Unseen
  7. Adagio - Second Sight
  8. Artension - Time Goes Slowly By
  9. Andromeda - Slaves Of The Plethora Season
  10. Winds - Fall and Rise
  11. Southern Storm - Opstanak
  12. Vitalij Kuprij - Destination
  13. Power of Omens - Alone I Stand
  14. Leprous - Nighttime Disguise
  15. Orphaned Land - Fruits From Different Trees-Ishma'el and Itzhak
  16. Rishloo - Feathergun In The Garden Of The Sun
  17. Whom Gods Destroy - In The Name Of War
  18. Myrath - I Wanna Die
  19. Threshold - Slipstream
  20. Thought Chamber - Balance of One
  21. Clockwork - East of Knowing
  22. Eniac Requiem - Prelude
  23. Born of Osiris - Recreate
  24. Mindflow - Crossing Enemy's Line

Kafu mi draga ispeci

Tata je povremeno pjevao/zviždao ovu pjesmu kada sam bio dječak, i zbog toga mi je jako draga. Slika kako otac pjevuši ovu starogradsku dok se sređuje da izađe iz stana u glavi mi je duboko, duboko usječena i budi prijatne, tople emocije. Podsjeća me na moje divno djetinjstvo, moga dobrog oca i rahmetli majku koju je uvijek neizmjerno volio.

Također se sjećam jedne rane zore. Imao sam šest-sedam godina. Vani još uvijek mrak, a ja se budim u stanu moje nane, koja je vjerovatno spremala doručak u kuhinji, a na radiju pjeva Predrag Gojković Cune ovu divnu pjesmu.

My media consumption in January 2024

Here's the list of some of the media I consumed in January 2024. Mostly, it's films, books, articles, and videos.

  • The Holiday (2006). Fun little movie with enjoyable escapism. Very predictable, but still fun. It’s became a sort of tradition for us to watch a comedy on January 1.
  • Building a Second Brain. The best part in the book is the author’s organizational system that I actually apply while organizing my digital files on my main computer and in Obsidian.
  • The Ottomans. It’s a great book about an empire that is not taught much about in the Western schools, which is a shame. The Ottomans were definitely a part of European history, and they shaped the European course of history a great deal. I've made a lot of notes--hopefully, I will publish them here on the website.
  • So far, I watched seven episodes of Timothy Snyder's lectures on The Making of Modern Ukraine. Highly recommended.
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Snow, snow everywhere

We've had a lot of snow lately. I captured this moment while leaving work and making my way home. Enjoy the winter wonderland!

The Sculpure Park in Billund, Denmark
The Sculpture Park, Billund.

Films and books in 2023

I have watched 84 films in 2023 which is a fairly large number, considering that I don’t always have a lot of leisure time to spend. I read 21 books.

The best movies I watched in 2023 are:

  • Into The Wild. This one is truly a great film. I use it in my teaching at the school, so I watch it at least once a year.
  • Husbands and Wives. Woody Allen’s take on marriage, and how it is hard to maintain a successful marriage, whatever that means.
  • Another Woman. Another Allen movie, that belongs to his serious works, dealing with psychology of human mind.
  • The Banshees of Inisherin. What an unusual film, that contains many unseen and hidden elements. I will have to watch it again.
  • The Father. I like how viewers can experience the father’s health deterioration and understanding of “reality”.

Abandoned bus in Alaska's wilderness
Into the Wild

I read only 21 books in 2023, but it is okay. Anyway, I hope I can read more next year. You can see my reading list here.

Here's my 2023 book list:

  • The Awesome Department - Adam Montandon (work)* - Jan
  • Historien om alting - Ken Wilber (phil.) - Jan
  • Me'med, crvena bandana i pahuljica - Semezdin Mehmedinović (novel)* - Feb
  • Educated: A Memoir - Tara Westover (memoir)* - Mar
  • Second-hand time - Svetlana Alexievich (reportage)* - Jul
  • Lov na divlju ovcu - Haruki Murakami (novel)* - Jul
  • Četrdeset pravila ljubavi - Elif Šafak (novel) - Jul
  • Dagpengeland - Lau Aaen (satire)k - Aug
  • Det kreative samfund - Lars Tvede (society)* - Aug
  • Dubravske priče - Almir Kaplan (sh. stories) - Aug
  • The Lessons of History - Will & Ariel Durant (history)* - Sep
  • Nordbanen - Amra Avdibegović (poetry)* - Sep
  • Genocide - A World History- Norman M. Naimark (history)* - Sep
  • Dani zaborava - Elena Ferrante (novel)k - Sep
  • The Loser - Thomas Bernhard (novel)* - Oct
  • The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham (finance) - Nov
  • Think Before You Speak - Bent Hougaard (psychology)* - Nov
  • Breve fra en au-pair - Kathrine Møgelbjerg Jørgensen
  • Psykologi og eksistens - Viktor E. Frankl (psychology)* - Nov
  • Putovanje po Hercegovini, Bosni i staroj Srbiji - Aleksandar Giljferding (travelogue) - Dec.
  • The World-Ending Fire: The Essential Wendell Berry - Wendell Berry (environment)k - Dec.