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Sunset in Vejle

I love sunsets. I got this one during my late afternoon walk. It's magical.

Sunset in Vejle
Sunset in Vejle.

A new change

It's time for a new change on the website. After two and half years running on GRAV content management system, I decided to use something even lighter. Previously, I used WordPress then jumped on GRAV, because I wanted to get rid of using database and heavy system. But then I realized that GRAV didn't make my system much faster and lighter. I also found out that I wasn't very active on my website, writing blog posts and such.

So, I decided to get rid of it and use a much lighter CMS (actually, it is just an online editor), so I implemented Yellow, a light CMS I know for several years now. After using a lot of time converting all the content to Yellow, I am ready now to present you a new, fresh and much faster version of Cheers!

Around Vejle

Vejle is such a nice town with very cool nature around it. A few days ago Amra and I took a ride to the area east of the city. We've been here before, but just too long ago. It's beatiful, tranquil and undisturbed by city noises.

Image without description
The view of Vejle Fjord

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Sad Franco

In my opinion, there may be a generational divide at play here. My students belonging to (Gen Z) seem to interpret portrait photos differently from me. For instance, consider this photo of the Spanish dictator, Francisco Franco. Although I do not find him sad or angry in this picture, my students do. I find it challenging to understand their perception.

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Jeg har altid været interesseret i og fascineret af Sovjetunionen, uanset om det drejer sig om landets forholdsvis korte historie, dets sociale, politiske og økonomiske forhold eller noget andet. Den britiske dokumentarist Adam Curtis er kendt for bl.a. sine værker The Century of the Self, HyperNormalisation og Can't Get You Out of My Head og har nu netop lavet igen en flot dokumentarserie, denne gang om Sovjetunionen, nemlig Russia 1985–1999: TraumaZone. Jeg har set det første afsnit, der handler om perioden 1985-89, hvor Gorbatjov kommer til magten, indfører perestrojka og glasnost, og hvor Sovjetunionen er i stor økonomisk krise og på vej til et politisk kollaps.

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Dejo i Ogi

Živimo u vremenu kada je se teško nasmijati, ali ipak ima ljudi i emisija koje nas mogu razvedriti. Takva je emisija Da Ti Kažem sa voditeljicom Aidom Bukvom, koja je u jednoj od epizoda ugostila Dejana i Darku Ostojića. Likovi su bukvalno raja i sve se svodi na zezanciju, iako nerijetko ubace i pametnu misao. Odavno se nisam nasmijao na njihova dobacivanja, npr. kada Dejana objašnjava šta znači kada Bosanac kaže "ma ja", "ma ja ma ja" i "ma ja ma ja ma ja". Razlika je drastična. :) Taj dio počinje negdje oko 20:50.

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Chervona Kalyna

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression on Ukraine, I have been interested in the current situation, politics and history of that country. I remember how the world couldn't understand who fought in the wars during the downfall of Yugoslavia (1991-1995), and I felt somewhat frustrated that many fellow Europeans didn't know about not could see the difference between countries as Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. I don't know, but I am pretty sure that Ukrainians are frustrated when people can't see the difference between Ukraine and Russia, their languages, cultures, etc. Of course, part of the explanation is that Ukraine and Russia were not that long time ago parts of the Soviet Union (USSR). The other explanation is that Russian language and its people were a dominant part in that federation, so usually people from outside would call most of other peoples from the former power Russians.

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Don't be neutral

Russian army has invaded Ukraine 45 days ago. It shells civilian targets, hospitals, train stations, apartment buildings. Russian soldiers are killing civilians in the Ukrainian cities they've occupied. Bucha, Borodyanka, Kherson... The list will unfortunately be long. It all reminds me too much of war crimes and atrocities Serbian paramilitary formations supported by Serbian Army committed against Bosnian (non-Serb) civilians in the war (1992-1995).

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What to say about the war in Ukraine? As someone who experienced war for months, I know how Ukrainians are feeling in these initial days and weeks of the Russian aggression at their homeland. First, they don't believe that the war is happening, that an outside military force is invading their country. Then they recover from the initial shock, and begin to think about who they are, and who the enemy is, and why the enemy is attacking them. This feeling of belonging makes them stronger. Then hate kicks in, and they make songs about their heroes who fight bravely against the enemy. From what I've seen (and believe me, I've seen much), Ukrainians are fighting bravely and heroically against the much stronger enemy. Ukraine and its people are fighting for their lives and their nation, but they are also fighting for the Europe and its freedom. Fascists must be defeated.

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The World of Today

People know me as a pragmatic individual who appreciates life, art and the history of humankind. I am a freedom-loving, epistemophilic person. Knowledge is my diet, books are my friends. However, I am also beginning to think that recent trends are pushing humanity to a path I am not totally on the page with. I know, I know, people had always been pessimistic about current affairs, and how the world looked at the moment - just take a look at this rant of the great Socrates about youth back in 470 BC:

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Meaning of life

I have this thing with looking at trees and how they mesmerizingly sway in the wind. They remind me of eternity and temporality.

I think Tarkovsky taught me that with his insisting gaze at nature and all beautiful. Enjoying almost omnipresent elements in nature that most people do not realize they see. I hope I will be able to appreciate those moments much more, just as Herbert Fingarette realized, though in the winter of his life.

"As I sit out, now, on the deck of the house. I look at the trees, blowing a little in the breeze. And I've seen them innumerable times, but somehow seeing the trees this time is a transcendent experience. I see how marvelous it is. And I think to myself: I've had these here all along, but have I really appreciated them?"

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Boxer at Rest

This Hellenistic bronze sculpture, Boxer at Rest, from 1-2 centuries BC, was buried under a Roman building for more than a millennium, to preserve it from countless barbarians. It is mesmerizing, and I agree that it is one of the most beautiful statues ever. Watch the video here.

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