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Old cinema tickets

I did some cleaning and I stumbled upon these old cinema tickets. Most of them are almost twenty years old. I certainly remember watching them, mostly with Amra, back then. We watched all three Lord of the Rings films, and I swore I would never watch them again. Not because they're poorly done, but because I am simply fed up with fantasy. I never liked it, and I still have an overdose with the LoTR films. On the other hand, I remember vividly Good Bye, Lenin! was a film we both truly enjoyed.

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My ultimate, unfinished film list

Some years ago (it was in 2010, and I wrote about it in Bosnian) I have created a so-called "Dino's ultimate (not quite finished) film list" for a colleague from the previous job. It was written in Danish, and it looks like this:

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The Browning Version

My wife and I watched The Browning Version (1994) with the excellent Albert Finney. I watched this film for the first in high school a quarter of the century ago, so it was a first revisit since then, and I must admit I enjoyed it as much as the first time. The cold relationship between the spouses, the kid that appreciates his retiring educator, evolutionary internal dynamics of a cognizant. Everything works and is put tidily together. Besides, I have a weak spot for education movies. I guess, it is satisfying to see young people progress in their lives while they're learning and get wiser in the process.

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Deja vu

A Letterboxd user collects and posts all the film posters that look alike. There's so much déjà vu in there.

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Best films I watched in 2020

I watched only 53 films during 2020, and none of them were, in my opinion, top-tier works. Here's the top 10 list of 2020. The best one was My Own Private War, a documentary about a Bosnian filmmaker revisiting her most traumatic period in life - Bosnian War 1992-1995. It's a personal story about self-reflection, nationalism and hatred. On the list is also Holy Motors which was a framework for one of my Film Magistery podcast episodes.

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Going places

I have this idea to travel to some places that I noticed while watching films. I watched recently a very good film called My Night at Maud’s (Ma nuit chez Maud, 1969) directed by Éric Rohmer.

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A critic from India

I dislike the vastness of the Internet. There is just too much information. Most of it is junk that is standing in the way to the relevant information and knowledge. Here’s a fresh example.

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Holy Motors

Vrlo interesantan film. Gledao sam ga 2012. godine i moram reći da mi se ovaj put dosta više svidio. Holy Motors je djelo koje nije napravljeno da bi nam se dopao nego da bi ga doživjeli, te kao takav, naravno, ne spada u one filmove koji su dio zabave za šire mase. Upravo zato narativ nije u središtu pažnje, a ipak je bitan jer u njemu s vremena na vrijeme imamo priliku uočiti srž onoga čime se ovaj film bavi, a to je fluidnost (možda i nepostojanje) ljudskog identiteta u dobu sveopšteg neokapitalizma koji nam diktira kako da živimo, šta da činimo, pa i kako da odlazimo u smrt.

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Bondarchuk on Solaris

A wonderful footage with Bondarchuk who played in Tarkovsky’s Solaris.

Najbolji filmovi u 2019.

Kadgod dođe kraj godine, pravim best-of liste, pa tako i listu najboljih filmova koje sam pogledao. Za ovu, 2019, evo lista filmova koji su po meni bili najbolji.

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Make it so

I was always a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation series, but I was feeling that I missed many episodes during all these years, so a couple of months ago I decided to watch all of the seven seasons, from the beginning to the end. I am getting closer to the last episode, and since it is the month of Christmas, I think it is in its place to play this little delightful homage to Star Trek in a Christmas-y spirit.

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The poet Mr. Data

Not a big fan of cats, but Mr. Data’s poem from the episode “Schisms” (s06e05) is just great:

Felis catus is your taxonomic nomenclature,
An endothermic quadruped, carnivorous by nature;
Your visual, olfactory, and auditory senses
Contribute to your hunting skills and natural defenses.

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