Smile, here's the yellow face

You know, there’s a lot of things that annoys me on the internet (or in life, in general). I was never a big fan of those chat sites, but, alas, I had to use them from time to time. Luckily, I don’t use them for at least 5 years now and that’s okay. But do you know why I hated that kind of communication, you know, chats and instant messaging? Abbreviations and smilies!

About abbreviations I have been ranting before, so this time I will focus on these scary, creepy yellow faces. I am a frequent user on few forums and I get chills every time I see a smiley icon in a post. I don’t know, for me it is not only childish to use them, it is also totally stupid (for an adult person, that is).

I understand when children use all those flashy things when they communicate (they need to be accepted and draw attention), but for adults? Come on! Why do we have to cripple our language with the help of those yellow faces? Are we, by using smilies and other graphics, losing ability to express ourselves and our feelings? Is it really necessary to put an angry smiley to show someone you are pissed off? We are not only crippling our vocabulary and lingual abilities, but we are also stupefying ourselves by using all the time yellow faces.