Shame on you, Israel!

While I’m writing these lines, Israel is ruthlessly bombing Lebanese civilians and their homes, killing until now more than 300 people. The UN human rights commissary, Louise Arbour, has stated that the bombings and killings in Lebanon and Palestinian territories might qualify as war crimes. I have experienced the war in Bosnia, and while I am not witnessing current bombings in Lebanon, it certainly does look like war crimes.

I know, Hamas and Hezbollah did capture three Israeli soldiers and I concur that Israel had to do something about it, but please tell me why bomb civilians and their homes? Did civilians capture those soldiers? Why so many casualties, why destroying Lebanese airports, roads and bridges, blocking its ports…? This is demonstration of power out of proportion.

I have just read the news that Israeli army has destroyed a civilian truck with 23 Lebanese family members on board. Whole family destroyed!! This reminds me of the Nazi destruction of Jews in WWII, the genocide in Srebrenica… Apparently, before the incident, Israeli army called all civilians to leave the area because of the following Israeli bombings. The poor Lebanese family did as they said, they all got into a truck, but the Israeli army smashed them into the pieces. 23 members killed and destroyed. Twenty-three. This madness must end, from every side, but the madness will not end until the Middle East gets stabilized. It can only reach the stability when Israelis allow a sovereign and independent nation of Palestine. No restrictions, no ultimatums, no negotiations… Simply two-state solution – now! Israel must end Palestinian agony that is going on since 1948. Millions of Palestinians have been driven away from their homes, living under catastrophic conditions in refugee camps for three generations. In my eyes, this also qualifies as some kind of Holocaust. Come on, before calling me an antisemitic, stop for a second and say to yourself, loudly – Millions of people living as refugees (under terrible conditions) for more than 50 years. Of all people, Israelis should know how is it to live imprisoned, almost without an identity – not for five, not for ten, but for fifty-five years.

Of course, the situation Palestinians are in will create terrorism in the area and be a destabilizing factor in the region. Palestinian people simply does not have any other choice. Israel is controlling every of their step: after they leave the house, before they go to work, after they leave the school, before they come home… It is apartheid, it is oppression, tyranny… It does sound terrible, but it is not a surprise to me there is all the killings and uprising in the area. People are simply desperate to such a degree, that their lives do not matter anymore.

Israelis and Arabs must finally find a solution to their misery. I really hope they do, for their own and ours sake.