Relaxing in Grömitz

And so I spent several days with my family to recover from the daily rush and gather some strength, regain lost energy. I was really completely drained of life and was in need of total relaxation. I booked several weeks ago a room in Hotel Hof-Krähenberg in a little German town of Grömitz, which is placed some 35 kilometers north of Lübeck.

We drove in the car 3 hours, but we made the first stop in German town of Plön. I parked the car near the town center, and we took a walk down the pedestrian street.

It was quite early (or there was some kind of holiday) so there were no many people in the streets. Anyway, while entering Plön, we noticed a white castle on a hill in the middle of the town, dominating the area. So we decided to take a closer look at it.

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Castle Plön

What a fine château it was. I learned later that it was built in 1633, and it was a summer residence for Holstein rulers and German emperor Wilhelm II. In the mid 19th century, the Danish Crown Prince Frederik VIII spent a few years in Plön for his health at the castle.

From the hill we had a wonderful view over the town and the Plön Lake with its several small islands. Then we took a walk in the pedestrian street. Being great fans of Italian ice creams, we stopped by a small gelateria when we saw what it offers. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any euros, so I had to find an ATM. Five minutes later we all three got our ice creams and what a delight they were!

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Ice cream in Plön

Although one might get a different impression, my daughter really enjoyed her ice cream with all those hearts on top. Very soon we left this small but very charming town with its beautiful castle and very tasty ice creams.

50 kilometers later we arrived in Grömitz, but since I don’t have an GPS in my car (what can I say, it’s a principle!), I didn’t know how to find a way to our hotel. Naively, I thought it would be easy, but I think I found nearly all the ways that lead out of the town before I found the Nienhagener Weg. The good thing was that we saw much of the town even before we came to the hotel. Very soon we checked in, and we got our room, which was quite a nice and comfortable one. We took a 2-hour nap, and then we went to the indoor swimming pool. At 6 o’clock we had dinner, which was not a gourmet-like food, but it was okay. I don’t know if we were completely exhausted or just happy to be on a vacation, but we went to bed right after the dinner. I fell asleep around 8. I think the reason I was so tired was that my body craved vacation and rest.

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Gromitz beach

Next morning I was even more tired simply because my body (and soul) wasn’t used to completely relax due to all duties on every day basis. We had a fine breakfast. I must agree with my wife, I too enjoy a good breakfast more than a lunch or a dinner.

It was time to see the town of Grömitz, and even the weather was on our side, it was windy, but with sunshine and no rain. We were delighted to see a town that was clean and very organized, with its nice streets and countless shops. The promenade along the sandy beach was beautiful and inspiring. I think it is around 3.5 km long, so it is ideal for long walks or jogging. The sandy beach was phenomenal, and even the water was clear and clean, without annoying green algae.

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Gromitz plaza

I could be imaging this place in summer, around 25 degrees, little or no wind, sunshine and thousands of people enjoying sand, sea and sun. I will definitely keep that option open, especially if the weather in the summer in Grömitz is warm and without/just a little wind.

The next day we drove to Lübeck, once the capital of the Hanseatic League. Today it is a beautiful city and because of its Brick Gothic architecture it is on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Although I knew what to expect, I was still surprised by its beautiful architecture, grand medieval buildings and atmospheric narrow streets in the Old Town.

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We walked for hours through the old town and I feel as if we’ve seen most of its major attractions: the two town gates Holstentor and the Burgtor, the city’s cathedral Lübecker Dom, Saint Mary’s Church, Salt Storehouses Salzspeicher, and the Town Hall. After having lunch at one of many town’s bakeries (Stadtbäckerei), we drove back to Görmitz full of new and beautiful impressions.

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Holstentor, Lübeck

When we came to Grömitz, we decided to go straight to town instead of the hotel. We spent several hours on the promenade and the beach. Tired, we drove back to our hotel.

Next morning we took farewell with hotel, Görmitz and this part of Germany. We were lucky with the hotel, with the weather since there was not even a single drop of rain and with the surroundings. The area of Grömitz and Lübeck really has something to offer for everyone.

I felt much rested and relaxed, much more alive than when we came here three days ago. I knew this was a great vacation, and I am sure this will not be the only visit in this area.

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