Reform of Danish language?

A Danish professor from Copenhagen University has suggested a complete reformation of Danish language, because the pronunciation is completely different from its writing. One of the main reasons for his suggestion is the Danish children have almost catastrophic results in grammar and sack behind the kids in the rest of Europe.

Well, I support this suggestion, but I don’t agree with the professor’s solutions, because they aren’t as phonetic as they should be (and, I guess, that’s he’s critique of the present system). He wants, for instance, “tiger” spell as “tigå”, which is not phonetic, since “å” is pronounced similarly to “o” but not quite. My native language is Bosnian, which is probably one of the most phonetic languages in the world. In Bosnian you write as you speak, and speak as you write. This means we write “tigar” and speak “tigar” [tee’ghar]. But back to Danish; since Danes pronounce “tiger” as “tee’yah], my suggestion is to write it “tija” since it would be as phoneticaly close as possible.

Also “interview” exchange with “intervju”.

My suggestion is also to dismiss the special Danish characters “å, æ, ø” because their are so confusing both for natives and foreigners. “Å” should become “o”, “æ” e, and “ø” with “o” or “u”, since it has different pronunciations. Let “ø” be the part of the mathematical world, not the linguistical one. 🙂

Also, there is big problem with “r” which is always silent or semi-silent. I say, out with it or pronounce it as REAL masculine “r” (you know “rrrrrrr” – like a tiger would do :)).