Pain of Salvation - live at the Rock

Last night, I was privileged to finally see Pain of Salvation live. They are my favorite band since their magical albums The Perfect Element, part I and Remedy Lane.

The concert was held at The Rock, an underground club in the heart of Copenhagen. The warm-up band was The Last Supper from Canada, who played okay, but I am not much into hard-core.

When talented Swedes came on stage, all hell broke loose. As we say in Bosnian: The crowd started to burn and smoke (Raja je počela da se žari i pali)! They started with Scarsick, a song from their newest album with the same name. The whole arena was filled with energy that came from the band and the crowd. You can watch the song right below. Please notice a high-tone scream around 35 seconds into the video – that’s me! 🙂 It was a great opening!

The Rock, the club where the concert was held is a rather small place, so there was no more four, five hundred of people inside, but the energy and the feel was fantastic, something you cannot experience on stadiums and large venues.

Later on, they played one of my favorite songs, Undertow, if not the most favorite. I was floored.

During the whole concert, Daniel, the vocalist, had a great contact with the crowd, smiling and joking with other members. All members of the band were very sympathetic and down to earth.

Near the end of their show, Pain of Salvation played a cover song Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen and I really loved their arrangement, which was the Jeff Buckley version.

I think I just experienced the best show ever. I said this before, and I will say it again: Please, do yourself a favor and listen to this band. Start with The Perfect Element Part I, then Remedy Lane and other albums, but listen to them and discover a whole new world of musical senses.

Although completely tired (I came home around 4.30 a.m.), I was more than happy that I finally saw this great band live.

The band’s set list was as follows:

  • Scarsick
  • America
  • Nightmist
  • !Foreword
  • Handful of Nothing
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Ashes
  • Undertow
  • This Heart of Mine/Song for the Innocent/Her Voices (Medley)
  • Chain Sling
  • Diffidentia
  • Flame to the Moth
  • Disco Queen


  • Hallelujah
  • Cribcaged
  • Used