What kind of people are Bosnians?

There was done quite extensive research by Prism Research in Bosnia this summer. The goal was to find out what Bosnians do, eat, drink, read, listen…. Well, here are some of the results:

  • Almost 80 % of Bosnians are religious.
  • Nobody of asked Bosnian Catholics is a vegetarian.
  • Mc Donalds’ doesn’t have a chance in Bosnia, since most Bosnians, regardless their ethnicity, prefer local specialities ćevapi and pite.
  • More than 50 % of population don’t consume alcohol.
    Those who drink, prefer mostly beer and sljivovica. Bosniacs (Muslims) beer, Serbs sljivovica.
  • 22,5 % of Bosnians have been in the theater last year, and only 4,5 % have been at concert of a classical music.
  • 2/3 of population have not read a book past three months.
  • 2/3 of population mostly listens to folk music. Bosniacs prefer traditional, Serbs turbo folk.
  • 36,9 % don’t want to talk about their sex life.
  • And what’s quite interesting, 60 % of the citizens of Bosnia are pretty happy with their lives.

Pretty strange, but remarkable nation, ha?

Be a humanitarian!

Today I was cruising (!) on the net with my mouse and I came to Google’s Lab where you can find some very interesting beta features this company develops.
Now, one of them is Google Compute. It is a small program which makes you donate your computer’s idle time to help scientific research. I think it is great idea; it’s the least a common person can do for the world. I just hope that my computer will not help researching new very advanced bomb or some new engineered virus.
Link: Google Compute

Stepford Wives

I watched Stepford Wives today and I can say that I liked the idea of the movie.
Men program their wives, so they obey them, cook, clean and take care of them. They also look like a “cover girl” and they are smiling all the time.
I want to buy this machine! Anybody?

A happy time

Today is Ramadan and I drove 100 kilometers in the car together with my wife and daughter in order to visit my parents. Man, it was a good time! We had some great Bosnian food (many different meals) and had a good laughs and talks. I took several photos of my parents and my baby daughter, because I know how much they care.
List of “what I ate”:

  • pita sirnica (cheese pie)
  • pita zeljanica (nettle pie)
  • pea
  • rise in some cool souce
  • chicken with the turkey bacon
  • salmon
  • baklava and apple cookies…
  • and hmmm, coca cola

Out from space

Well, these are my first blog words. I don’t know, I was always reluctant to this blog idea, and still am to some degree, because I don’t believe that everything someone writes has a public value. So, I promise (to myself and to you) that I will only write when I should.