Stepford Wives

I watched Stepford Wives today and I can say that I liked the idea of the movie.
Men program their wives, so they obey them, cook, clean and take care of them. They also look like a “cover girl” and they are smiling all the time.
I want to buy this machine! Anybody?

A happy time

Today is Ramadan and I drove 100 kilometers in the car together with my wife and daughter in order to visit my parents. Man, it was a good time! We had some great Bosnian food (many different meals) and had a good laughs and talks. I took several photos of my parents and my baby daughter, because I know how much they care.
List of “what I ate”:

  • pita sirnica (cheese pie)
  • pita zeljanica (nettle pie)
  • pea
  • rise in some cool souce
  • chicken with the turkey bacon
  • salmon
  • baklava and apple cookies…
  • and hmmm, coca cola

Out from space

Well, these are my first blog words. I don’t know, I was always reluctant to this blog idea, and still am to some degree, because I don’t believe that everything someone writes has a public value. So, I promise (to myself and to you) that I will only write when I should.