Avdibeg’s Dilemma

Well, tomorrow is elections in Denmark and I am, for the first time in history of the Milky Way, unsure about who to vote for.
At, I am quite sure who am I not going to vote for:
Venstre (Left) – because they are a little bit too right for me.
The Conservatives – they care too much about capitalists, just like Venstre.
Danish People’s Party – hmm, they are a little bit too fascistic/nationalistic/patriotic for my taste.
Social-Democrats – they have similar politics to Venstre. Not much socialistic!
The Radicals – I actually agree on many issues with them, but I don’t feel like this time…

So, who can win my vote tomorrow?

Minority Party – for being a “party for humanity”.
Center-Democrats – very cool party with human and warm political standpoints.
Socialist People’s Party (SF) – for having a quite reasonable politics.
Unity Party – because I am such an idealist and because there is a quite unhidden communist in me 🙂

Phew, this one will be a tough one…

A tribute

Well, our daughter is about to become a four-month old. You know what that means? It means, she’s going through yet another turbulent period when her mood is constantly changing. I call it a hurricane period, because at one point she’s laughing and playing, at other – hell goes crazy! At first, as unexperienced parents, my wife and I thought her behavior was a little bit strange, but when we read “Why They Cry” by Hetty Van De Rijt & Frans Plooij we understood our little angel.
According to the authors (and until now, they were right) a child is going through different phases in the first 60 weeks of life and it has 8 major “leaps” or if you prefer my definition – hurricanes, when the child is irritable, frightened and safety-searching.
Fortunately, these periods are essential for the baby and they help a child to evolve and digest all the impressions and new experiences.
This kind of behavior produces not too many sleeping hours and silent times especially for my wife and I just want to say a big “Thank you” for being so brave and strong, “hats off” for all the nights without much sleep.

A mystery of David’s mutton dagger

Michelangelos’s famous statue of David has been regarded as an ideal image of a man for the last five centuries. There’s only one LITTLE detail that ruins the picture – David’s willy.
Well, the statue that has the residence in Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence, Italy, is about 4,3 meter tall, but David’s penis is only 5 centimeters long.

A scientific report will be published later this month by two Italian experts. In the report they claim the reason why David has a little winky is – fear of death.
The statue portrays David only few moments before his battle against Goliath.

Well, the next mistery to solve must be to find out why David, who was a Jew, was not circumsized.

(Source: Politiken.dk)

“The Sims” on Reality TV

I read today that the popular PC game “The Sims” will soon appear as Reality TV.
Well, I already know that the evergrowing number of stupid and low-critique TV-viewers can watch idiotic soap operas, moronic reality shows like Survival and all those “love” shows, but that we soon will be able to see such a program but with artifical “life” – that I could not predict. Stupid me. Well, knowing the TV behaviour and interests of today’s viewers I am almost sure this freak-show will be a success. Just wait and SEE!

2nd day at work

Today was the second day at the work. I am getting up every morning at 6 p.m., living the apartment at 7. and driving in my “Skodilak” some 60 kilometers to work…and I am not bitching! I am quite happy about the work, I mean, I still don’t know how will my ordinary day at work will look like, but I think it would not be a disaster. I also like my boss, he’s very nice person.

Danish Prime Minister called February elections “to capitalize on favorable polls for his center-right Liberal party nine months ahead of a November deadline” (CNN).
Damn, I am afraid that the existing administration will win again the election.

At Politiken I found this little test that can reveal which political party one mostly agrees with. I had 81% similarities with SF (Socialist People’s Party), 80% Center-Democrats, 76% Minority Party, 71% Unity Party…

I must add that I probably will vote for SF or Unity Party.