Ordering Pathétique online

It is finally possible to order the book Pathétique outside Denmark and Scandinavia. For those who don’t know, Pathétique is my book of poetry that is dealing with emotions regarding love, death, light, darkness, despair and hope. The book is about heavy emotions and thoughts on serious subjects as war, love, death… If I haven’t written these poems down on a paper, I would probably be more insane than I am today.

The book contains a Danish and a Bosnian version. Unfortunately, there’s no English version yet. However, English-speaking visitors can take a look at “In Passing“, a poem that is part of Pathétique.

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Fine illustrations in the book are made by my brother Elvis, the cover and photo by yours truly. The book can be ordered on Lulu.com, the premier online publisher that I find extremely reliable and efficient.

Printed: 90 pages, 6.00″ x 9.00″, perfect binding, 60# cream interior paper, black and white interior ink , 100# exterior paper, full-color exterior ink. The price is only $9.95 or 58 DKK!!

The direct link to the book: Pathétique – laetific & miserabilis

I hope you will enjoy it and, please, give some feedback!

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