Once again, shame on you, Israel

What Israel is doing in Gaza is, once again, nothing less than war crime. Even Cardinal Renato Martino, president of the Vatican’s Council for Justice and Peace, condemned Israel’s warfare: “Look at the conditions in Gaza: more and more, it resembles a big concentration camp”.

What kind of warfare is launched by Israel in Gaza?

Four exhausted children have been discovered cowering in a house next to the bodies of their mothers by staff of the International Committee of the Red Cross, which today accused the Israeli military of “unacceptable” delays in allowing medics safe access to injured Gazans. The Red Cross workers found the small children, who were so weak they could not stand, sheltering next to the bodies of their mothers in a house in Zeitoun, southeast of Gaza City. Another man was found alive, but again too weak to stand. At least 12 bodies were lying on mattresses… — Guardian.co.uk

[Update – January 10]:
I just watched a news program Centralni Dnevnik on Bosnian TV station Hayat which had a lengthy interview with an Israeli and Palestinian former combatants who now are members of the organization Combatants for Peace. Both guests talked about the only solution to the Middle Eastern problem: a peaceful and non-violent solution through dialog. Israeli guest Yonatan Shapira is former pilot in the Israeli Army who in September 2003 signed together with other 26 Israeli pilots the Pilot's Letter, refusing to fly missions over the occupied territories. I really liked his reasoning about the current conflict in Gaza. He believes that Israel must stop bombing massacring and bombing innocent Palestinian children and civilians and that only with dialogue there can be peace in Israel and Palestine. Here’s another interview with him at wrmea.com.

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