I relish discovering new cultural gems, be it through music, films, or art. This is why I consider myself an internet explorer (not to be confused with Internet Explorer). Often, I can lose track of time as I delve into the vast expanse of the Internet, frequently finding myself in a rabbit hole that leads me somewhere unexpected and unintended.

Sometimes I catch myself asking, "How did I get here?", but it's rare for me to remember the exact journey due to the numerous layers between my initial search and the various paths and chambers I traverse along the way. In this instance, however, I can recall my starting point. I was searching for information about a band called Nospūn, which I discovered just yesterday. As an aside, they too are an intriguing band to explore. While researching Nospūn, I stumbled upon the website The Progressive Subway, and it is there that I discovered OMB.

OMB stands for Of Marble's Black, and they are a progressive metal band hailing from Israel. When I heard their song "An Ordinary Caveman Sings Ode to Obsession," I was captivated. Such experiences don't happen very often. What sets OMB apart is their ability to seamlessly blend an array of musical elements, including jazz, bossa nova, psychedelic sounds, and various subgenres within metal.

It's challenging to pinpoint a single aspect that makes this band extraordinary because everything seems perfectly integrated into a cohesive unit - from their versatile vocals to their eclectic and virtuoso musicianship. If you appreciate avant-garde music, not just limited to progressive metal, OMB will offer a refreshing auditory experience.

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