Not so recovering

Ever since I came home from my Bosnia trip, I was sick, having a strange, aggressive virus, coughing as mad, and having a perpetual throat ache. The strange thing is that all of us, who were traveling got sick with same or similar symptoms. I believe we all got some sort of bronchitis. I'm still wondering what could cause this terrible sickness and here are some of the possibilities:

  • The day we traveled from Bos. Šamac to Sarajevo. We got up at 4 a.m., traveled in a not so comfortable bus through valleys, mountains. The roads went up and down all the time, and air temperature was changing in same manner.
  • Our famous day at Sava river. We had a great time at Sava, bathing, sailing up the river and having a BBQ. But when we were swimming, the water was pretty cold, while air temperature was at least 35 C.
  • We ate something we should not.