News regarding the Bosnian Pyramid of Sun

I just received a press release and bunch of images from Mr. Osmanagić, the archaeologist who claims the found of the first European pyramid – in Bosnia. The press release is written in Bosnian, so I will try to translate most of it. Please forgive my eventual typos:

The second fase of archeological excavations beneath the hill of Visočica near the city of Visoko has been completed. The results persuasively affirm the presented hypothesis regarding existence of first pyramid in Europe of colossal proportions.
Satellite images, aerial photos and geodetic maps prove that the hill of Visočica has regular (straight lines) geometric shape. The pyramid contains 4 equal surfaces. The sides concur with the sides of the world.
Archeological excavations in October and November (“sounding wells”) prove following:
1. Entering monumental plateau of the pyramid is completely tessellated in length of 420 meters. Stone plates of natural architectonic building material has been used, 10-12 cm wide. The surface is polished. Since the plates are cut off, polished and transferred on this location, there’s no doubt it’s the human workmanship. 2. The walls of the pyramid are built of stone blocks (breča), which is natural material. These blocks are cut off into megalites of different dimensions, which was characteristical for building pyramids. Their length, according to the first sounding wells, is between 1 and 3 meters. The connection between them is clearly visible and one might conclude that there wasn’t used any interlace material, which is characteristic for the most pyramids in the world. Because of 1000 years of corrosion and frothy layer of humus, most megalites have lost their correct geometrical shape (…) 3. … Design of the pyramid is almost identical to the step-shaped pyramids in Teotihuacan… 4. On one of the sounding wells, the presence of chop offed stone block with high procentage of iron. The blocks show on their surface ornamental circles (…) 5. We established before the presence of layers of marly sedimentary rock… 6. We have recorded statements of citizens beneath the pyramid, regarding underground tunnels. The project team has entered one of the tunnels on location of Ravna, 3 km from the hill of Visočica. The original height of the tunnel was 2.5 meter and the walls were shaped by human hands and not by the nature. Some sections of the tunnel are, because of the soil erosion, 0.5 to 2.5 meter high. After 220 meters, we have established the existence of 4 forks/cross-roads, with the angels of 45 degrees. The last fork has 3 tunnel, one of them covered. The tunnel on the left side, accordign to those who went all the way, leads to a underground lake. The one on the right side leads all the way to the pyramid and end almost at the top. All these evidence indicate the existence of underground tunnel-complex, which completely correspond to the similar complexes under the pyramids in Egypt, Mexico and Peru. 7. Mr. Osmanagic writes here about resistence of some owner of the land, near the hill, who wants the excavations stopped. Mr. Osmanagic wants this area to be enounced as the area of national interest. 8. In the press we read the statement of a local arhcelogist who insisted „there’s no pyramid here, this area is archeologically examined, and this attention of media is used for the trickery and promotion of the book. “ I can only refer the respective mrs. to before-mentioned scientifically based evidence. 9. Next fase is expected to begin in April 2006. We will completely clean-up the area of bushes, and start with careful opening of 6 wide sections from all sids, in order to make pyramidal character of megalitic blocks visible to every layman. As a special project, we will start mapping the underground tunnel complex in cooperation with speleologists and geologists. We will also investigate the statements of the citizens regarding the existance of starways and a corridor at the socle of the pyramid.

You can read the full press release in Bosnian here (.doc file).

Mr. Osmanagić sent me a whole bunch of images, and here are some of them.