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It's almost a year ago, I made my first mixtape, which is part of the project called Avdibeg Mixtapes, and it's been a fun project, which I intend to continue. It is fun to stumble upon a new song I never heard before or a song that reminds me of my past or some period in my life. That's how I often remember songs — I usually connect them to my life and experiences along that trip.

I made a new mixtape, and it is probably one of the best I've made so far. The playlist includes Alice in Chains and the song We Die Young, Dolia and their song The Gift (I wrote about them previously), the new The Beatles' song Now and Then, and some other great songs from different decades.

We Die Young — I listened a lot to Alice in Chains during my high school days.

Jennifer Page’s Crush is a song I connect to my first months dating my wife back in the late 1990s. Along with TV series like Ally McBeal, Dharma & Greg, and Friends, this song is a clear connection to that period of my life.

I was never a fan of The Beatles and their repertoire, but their newly rediscovered song is superb, and instantly one of my favorite songs of the band.

You can see all the songs on the Avdibeg Mixtape 006 here.

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