Net abbs sux!

I really hate the abbreviations and subcultural codes, predominantly, young people use when communicating on Internet. I consider myself a young man, but I just cannot accept this idiotic form of communication. I understand that the world around us goes really fast, but if we begin communicating with each other in this short and amputated manner, than I am afraid we are going straight back the Darwin’s path.

In couple of generations we will understand each other with this kind of communication:

A: Boo hoo hoo! B: Ya hoo boo. A: Ba you ha.

Another thing that annoys me is when a person uses a subcultural code in the forum where the code is not standard. We all come from different cultures and environments and have different lingual expressions and standards, so we are not promoting communication by using expressions and slang that are not commonly used. Once again, it is totally okay using these codes in environments where the codes are absolute standard and accepted by all the members, but we should not use them everywhere on Internet, because we all do not belong to the same group or (subculture).

While studying graphic design, I have learned one very important lesson in communication – a sender must be aware of clarity of his message.

Btw (!), check this text out, I found somewhere on a mobile phones forum:

i recon this phone luks lush, i want 2 buy 1 but i want the white version of it not the black version. i went on the web n the white 1 came on the screen but wen i went 2 but it the black 1 came on the screen, im a bit confused, so duz ne 1 no how i make sure i get the white 1 not the black 1 ? thanx

Of course, it is not that hard to understand what the person is writing about here, but all those 1’s and 2’s are just flying around my eyes, I cannot simply put myself together and try to comprehend the meaning of his request.