Well, it's that time of the year when my wife and I meet up with her colleague and her husband for dinner. We've dined at MeMu (a now-closed Michelin-starred restaurant) and Vedelsborg (also closed) in the past. This year, we opted for Restaurant Nögen, located at the same spot as MeMu.

Nögen is quite unique in that it doesn't offer a fixed menu; instead, it focuses on using available and sustainable ingredients. As a guest, you're in for a surprise each time you visit. Since we mentioned our preference against pork, our table didn't have much meat, but we did enjoy some fish and chicken dishes. In total, we were served 10 dishes, accompanied by wine, beer, and cocktails.

Overall, it's a fascinating restaurant with an innovative concept. The service is excellent, and the presentation of the dishes is top-notch.

I hope Nögen doesn't suffer the same fate as the two previous restaurants we visited.

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