My scanner sucks

I am in the process of finalizing my book and my publisher asked me to send him some drawings I thought I sent him before. I used several hours to find them on my computer, my desktop and my office.

When I finally found them, I was happy, so I turned my old scanner in order to scan these two fine drawings meant for my poetry book. Scanner did scan the drawings but with most horrific result possible.”No problem“, I said. “It’s probably nothing serious, I just need to do it again.” And so I did it again, and again and again, and than I realized I need to go to sleep.

So… I hate my scanner. And I think I will punish it tomorrow by throwing it in the garbage container. O boy, he (yes, my scanner is a “he”) will freeze quite a bit, since it’s about minus 10° C (-10°) outside. That will teach him.