My media consumption in February 2024

Here's the list of some of the media I consumed in February 2024. Mostly, it's films, books, articles, and videos.
* Kafu mi draga ispeci performed by Damir Imamović. Dad used to sing and whistle this song occasionally when I was a boy, and that's why I love it so much. The image of my father humming this old song as he prepares to leave the apartment is deeply, deeply etched in my head and evokes pleasant, warm emotions. It reminds me of my wonderful childhood, my good father and my late mother whom he always loved immensely. I also remember an early dawn. I was six or seven years old. It's still dark outside, and I woke up in my grandma's apartment, who was probably preparing breakfast in the kitchen, and Predrag Gojković Cune is singing this remarkable song on the radio.
* Mikrofonija s Amerom An interview with the renowned Bosnian-American writer Aleksandar Hemon. In Bosnian.
* Amra and I watched You People. Very dull and bland. Wants to be hip, but in reality just woke and NPC-like. Also, very unrealistic when parents all of a sudden want to change so that their kids can get married.
* The Age of Extremes by Eric Hobsbawm. An important book about the chaotic and quintessential 20th century. But it took me several months to complete.
* In February, I discovered Nigel Ng and his YouTube persona Uncle Roger on YouTube - I know, I know, I came late to the party. I find his videos hilarious and entertaining. I love how he uses his persona/character Uncle Roger and how he uses Chinese accent to describe and criticize other chefs in his videos.
* Plini and Kiko Loureiro - Out of the Void.

* Cory Doctorow's McLuhan lecture on enshittification. Doctorow coined the term 'enshittification,' to describe the way that platforms decay.
* GEN-Z is literally f--king brain dead and I'm genuinely scared. A Gen Z's video on his own generation.
* Russia simply can’t win a war against Europe. The mathematics are inexorable. I genuinely hope they are right.
* I rewatched Spectral after seven years. Still not good, but not as bad as previously.
* I finished watching third season of Netflix series Sunderland ‘Til I Die. I must watch for football fans.
* I finished playing video game Firewatch, and what a game it is.
* Amra and I watched a very interesting British miniseries Anatomy of a Scandal. Recommended.
* Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan. Intriguing book about Jesus Christ. * The Mythmaker: Paul and the Invention of Christianity. An important book about the man who created the myth of Jesus Christ.
* Jon Stewart on the Israel-Palestine conflict. * Paul Desmond - Samba Cantina

Here's January 2024.

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